About Us

Persian Cat Crew is based in sunny Los Angeles, CA and run by team of crazy cat people. It was started by a self professed crazy cat lady extraordinaire who rescued her cat Mr. Biscuits, the inspiration and muse for PCC. You might even notice some similarities between our logo and this cutie!

 10 things About Mr. Biscuits 

  1. He came from a animal hoarder house, 130 Persian cats along with some dogs.
  2. He is extremely extroverted and loves meeting new people (unlike most cats).
  3. He is obsessed with his Mommy and follows her EVERYwhere. and I mean everywhere, she can’t even shower alone!
  4. He’s not a big meower and only speaks to respond to questions she asks him (seriously) or to let her know it’s time to stop working and to start playing.
  5. He loves to play fetch (not joking!).
  6. He LOVES dogs and has tried on many occasions to become besties with her friends’ dogs that come over.
  7. He bit a shelter worker and had to get quarantined and then was “rescue only” meaning no one could adopt him except for a rescue group. When she heard this, she loved him even more. 
  8. His fur doesn’t get knots or tangles for some reason even though he is super fluffy. She likes to think he has special, magical fur.
  9. He will let her dress him up and wears sweaters around the house. He doesn’t love it but he will tolerate it until she takes the sweater off him.
  10. He LOVES his Auntie Julie (her best friend of 20 years) and will follow her all over the house when she’s there.

We hope you enjoy all the kitty goodies and wear them as proudly as we do! 


The Persian Cat Crew Team 



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